Chair Aeron

Aeron’s three sizes and adjustability let it fit a broader diversity of sizes and shapes than any other work chair.

Anybody – from the 1st percentile female to the 99th percentile male – can find the perfect fit with the A, B and C sizes of Aeron chairs. In the table above please find the crossing dot between the height and weight of a person. This dot indicates the appropriate size for the person. In most of the cases size B fits to 95-99% of people. In case if you are still hesitant about the size please come to our showroom at Bozhenko 86B to make sure you buy the correct size of the chair.

To help ensure proper support, the stretch of Pellicle and the range of tilt tension are calibrated to the user weights and size ranges for each chair size.

Aeron’s B-size chair fits the 5th percentile female to the 95th percentile male. With it’s A and C sizes, Aeron is the only work chair that also optimises fit for the small and large people toward the ends of the anthropometric bell curve. The sizing accommodates personal preference as well. For many people, either an A or B or a B or C is the appropriate chair size.