Chair Aeron

With its Pellicle® seat and back suspension, the Aeron chair provides truly customised support. When you sit down, the Pellicle’s patented, highly engineered weave stretches in two directions for both load-bearing support and form-fitting comfort.

When you stand, the Pellicle regains its original form. The patented process for attaching the Pellicle to the chair frame ensures that the material retains its responsiveness, shape and strength over time.

The Pellicle conforms naturally to your contours. It minimises uncomfortable pressure points by properly distributing your weight over the seat and back, away from your spine and the backs of your thighs.

Your skin temperature increases up to 12 degrees Fahrenheit (6.7 degrees centigrade) when you sit for 30 minutes in a traditional foam-and-fabric chair. With the Aeron chair, air flows through the Pellicle to prevent heat build-up and allow moisture to dissipate.