Chair Mirra 2

Seat Height

Tab next to tilt tension knob, lower right

To raise: While taking your weight off chair, lift lever up.
To lower: While seated, lift lever up.



Adjust chair height so your feet rest flat on floor or footrest, with your body comfortably supported by breathable AireWeave™ suspension. Avoid dangling legs, which puts pressure on the back of thighs and restricts blood flow. Awork surface or keyboard that seems too high or low may require adjusting.



Harmonic™ Tilt Tension

Knob below right front side of seat

To increase tension: Turn knob clockwise.
To decrease tension: Turn knob counterclockwise.



Increased tilt tension provides more stability and back support while you recline.





FlexFront® Seat Depth

Handle under front of seat

Squeeze handle and adjust seat edge up or down. Release handle to lock in position.









Arm Height

Tab on outside lower base of each arm

To raise or lower arms: Raise tab to unlock arm, adjust arm, lower tab to lock.

Adjust height of each chair arm so your arms are supported. This helps take weight off your shoulders.







Arm Angle

Front of each armpad

To pivot arms in or out: Grasp front end of armpad and pivot it to the left or right.

Adjusting arm angle can help support different types of work and shifts in posture. For example, adjust chair arms inward for support while using keyboard; adjust arm out for support when using mouse.






Arm Width

Button on inside of each armpad

To adjust: Engage button and adjust arm in or out.

Adjust width of each chair arm so your arms are supported. This helps take weight off your shoulders.








Forward Tilt

Horizontal tab on left front side of seat

To position chair forward: Recline and flip lever down.

To resume horizontal position: Recline and flip lever up.

Forward tilt with a 4-degree range provides full support while leaning forward for task-intensive work, such as keyboarding. Normally, forward tilt position is used with increased chair height. This position helps the body achieve a more neutral, open angle between trunk and thighs.





Tilt Limiter

Vertical tab on left front side of seat

To engage: Recline and move lever up to define the limit of recline.
To release: Lean forward and press lever back.

If you want to sit in an upright position, set the tilt limiter when the seat is in a horizontal or forward position.







Lumbar Height

Levers on lumbar support

To raise or lower: Move levers up to loosen, slide lumbar support up or down to desired height.

Although the chair back automatically adjusts to your size and posture, you can fine-tune lumbar support by adjusting the bar so that it comfortably supports the natural curve of your spine. Once support is adjusted, it follows you throughout your range of recline.






Lumbar Depth

Levers on lumbar support

To increase lumbar support: Adjust levers downward.
To decrease lumbar support: Raise levers upward.